Gel Nails


Is Gel polish veneer with micro shatter resistant technology which has armour coated flawless wear. With reflective mirror shine that lasts for the entire length of wear. Cuccio claim their gel last a min of 3 weeks!

OPI GelColor

Is a pure gel formulation which means it is stronger, longer lasting with a highly durable shine that will last for weeks. GelColor by OPI, wears like gel, looks and feels like nail lacquer.Gel Color is a super glossy, chip resistant, non-damaging, that can last up to 2-3 weeks with the right aftercare.

Orly gel fx

Is a vitamin infused gel manicure system that is kind to the nail plate, cuticles and skin. The inclusion of Vitamin E, Pro Vitamin B5 and Vitamin A, protect and nourish the nail plate and promote cell renewal and growth. The added reflective formula within the polish gives a high shine with no dulling and has strong linked polymers for longevity. Which again can last 2-3 weeks with the right aftercare.

Aftercare for Gels and Natural nails

Never use your gel nail as tools, treat them the way you would your natural nails. Do not bite, pick at or file your gel nails. Wear gloves when washing up or using household detergents. Do not try to remove them as this can cause untold damage to your natural nails. Please contact me where I can remove them properly or for regular clients purchase a at home soak of kit. Tinted lotions, spray tans, suntan creams and hair products can discolour some light coloured, so wash your hands thoroughly after use or use gloves to protect them. Please use cuticle oil, which can be purchased on request. Please use this everyday to keep your nails looking good and to nourish the natural nail underneath.

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