Spray Tans


Available in 3 tones light, medium, dark Scented with Calming Lavender. Influenced by the latest British lifestyle trends, LDN:SKINS is exploding onto the British fashion scene with celebrities and designers acquiring this ‘must have tan’

Blush offers a choice of two professional applications

Our LDN:SKINS Couture Spray Tan in tone medium and dark is tailored to your individual requirements. Blush will apply LDN:SKINS spray tan liquid using their unique layering technique – building up your tan meticulously to achieve a natural-looking tan that meets your desires. All this takes only 15–20 minutes.

The LDN:SKINS Spa Tan represents the ultimate tanning indulgence. Simply lie down and over the course of an hour your skin will be primed and tanned by hand, incorporating relaxing massage techniques. The Spa Tan will leave you looking and feeling like you’ve just returned from the Riviera. You can re-dress immediately after your application (we advise you wear loose fitting, dark clothing). You’ll have an instant golden glow that does not smell unpleasant and is not going to rub off on your clothing, so you can go about the rest of your day with confidence.

Your tan will take up to eight hours to develop fully, after which you can wash off the guide colour to reveal the new beautifully tanned you! For the best results, plan your spa self tan one to two days before a special occasion.

The Tones are so natural, the results so flawless and the smell undetectable, on-lookers and admirers will think you’ve just returned from holiday.

Crazy Angel

Spray Tanning in 3 tones light,medium, dark. Scencted with a fresh floral fragrance with a hint of fruit. For gentle skin tones and angels that favour a subtle golden glow, the lightest tone - Golden Mistress spray tan, this tones is great for new angels who are earning their wings and as an introduction into the heavenly world of tanning. All crazy angel products work with your own skin tone therefore creating the most natural bronze finish.

A rich dark tan has always been a consistent fashion trend throughout the years due to its instant slimming, limb lengthening and teeth whitening properties. This all-round and all-over healthy glow could previously only be achieved by boarding a flight to some far off tropical destination. Now creating a darker/olive skin tone couldn’t be easier with Crazy Angels medium and dark Midnight Mistress spray tans.

Before and Aftercare for all tanning treatments

  • Before your tan - Always exfoiliate, shave or wax areas 24hrs before your appointment.
  • On the time of appointment be free of deodrant, perfume, cosmetics and moisturiser.
  • After having a spray tan, avoid showers and baths and refrain from strenuous activity which may cause you sweat for the following 8-12 hours. This will allow the spray tan to take full effect.
  • Moisturise your skin everyday after and by following these simple steps, you should be able to maintain an optimal tan for about five - 10 days

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